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SoulKation Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

Hey family! Welcome back to the Soulkation Podcast!

Did you know I used to live in Maryland, and I couldn’t stand scraping the ice off my car? Yet it’s still one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Our location in the world can play a big part in our life, and we need to know how and why this is. If we do this...

Apr 22, 2019

Hey family! Welcome back to the Soulkation Podcast!

Keep making the same mistakes? Always finding yourself with the same daily problems? Loosing track of where you want to be in life? This week we’re talking about the mistakes we repeat and how to break the cycle. 

Listen in and learn my three steps on how to maintain...

Apr 15, 2019

Today I had Heather Joy Bassett on the SoulKation Podcast. She is a transformational story-weaver, speaker, and mentor, who helps people to unravel the mysteries of their own stories. She even helps redefine what is truly possible for them in this lifetime.


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Apr 1, 2019


Welcome back to the Soulkation Podcast! Today’s guest, Nik Marie, Founder of Nik PR Boutique dropped nuggets on hosting events and how to make a lasting impact with the audience. Grab some coffee and tune in.

Guest: Nik Marie

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