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SoulKation Podcast

Oct 14, 2019

Hey family! Welcome back to the Soulkation Podcast!

Our guest today is one of the dopest women online, Tambra Cherie. She is known as Midday Diva, a Radio/TV personality, Entertainment News reporter and host on 97.7 FM.   She has been featured in several publications, including Boom's Magazine as Most Influential Person in the City of Jackson list, and recipient of the Woman of the Year Award.

Tambra has served as host for the once highly anticipated #1 entertainment television show, Admission Granted, which aired on UPN, CW, and CBS.

Tambra's career success has landed her interviews with a multitude of celebrities, artists, comedians, actors, and entertainment moguls; to name a few Sean Diddy Combs, Lil Wayne Magic Johnson, Fantasia, Chaka Khan, Tank and Russell Simmons.

Listen in to hear us discuss:

  • Tambra shares how you can create your opportunities
  • Learn how she discovers her passion for media hosting and entertainment industry upon graduating from Jackson State University 
  • Get the inside scoop on how Tambra inspires and encourages women to become who they were predestined and preordained to be.
  • Tune in as Tambra and Logan dig dive to inspires you to grow through life's rejection and challenges while embracing new outlooks and perspectives.
  • Learn how to find your purpose and live with passion
  • Listen is as Tambra and Logan remind us to have confidence, get out of your comfort zone, and stop worrying about what other people will think.



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Book: Surrounded By Sin Grounded By Love: 8 Simple Keys to Becoming A Better You

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