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SoulKation Podcast

Dec 23, 2019

Hey family! Welcome back to the Soulkation Podcast!

For today’s episode, we have our guest, Marissa Simms. She is a serial entrepreneur & author of “The Bleau Print: How to Break Barriers as a Young Entrepreneur.” She was recognized as U.S. Small Business Administration) “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”, and  most recently, she received the prestigious Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Certification.

Listen in to hear us discuss:

  • What is a purpose-driven life for her
  • Why the need to write your vision down
  • What her 90-day accomplishment schedule looks like
  • Why you need to simplify and do the elimination process
  • Why she's not recommending you acquire a brick and mortar space


Marissa’s Website: /

Marissa’s Instagram: @ShopRoyalBleau / @RoyalBleauATl/ @MarissaMogul

Marissa’s Facebook: Royal Bleau Boutique

Marissa’s Twitter: Royal Bleau Boutique

Book: The Bleau Print: How To Break Barriers As A Young Entrepreneur by Marissa C. Simms


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