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SoulKation Podcast

May 25, 2020

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Soulkation!


For today we have our new guest Sybil Clark- Amuti. The founder of the Great Girlfriend Podcast a series created to connect women with daily tips and solutions for living a passionate life and building a thriving business. For over 15 years, Sybil has delivered a world-class strategy and brand direction to some of the world’s most renowned personal, corporate, and philanthropic brands.

Listen as we discuss how Sybil Clark-Amuti:

  • A brief explanation about how it means to be a brand.
  • Determining when should you scale or change the brand.
  • Telling a story about her great girlfriend podcast.
  • Importance of tapping God to let you know the reason why certain things happen in your life.




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