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SoulKation Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

Hey family! We’re back with the Soulkation Podcast!

We’re taking a slightly different approach this week as we talk to weight loss specialist & lifestyle transformation coach A.D Dolphin. He is the founder of Dherbs - a company that uses herbs to create a clear pathway to excellent health, including the Full Body Cleanse which I am using right now!

You’ve probably seen him on The Steve Harvey Show, The Real, Dish Nation, Page Six Tv, Sister Circle and many more. He has also helped celebrities like Anthony Anderson, Niecy Nash, Sherri Shepherd, and Melody Trice. Now we get to speak to him ourselves!

Listen in to hear us discuss:

  • How enjoying what you do will lead to true success, whatever it is. It isn’t a cliché!
  • Which foods, nutrients, and vitamins you should try to include in your diets and how to achieve a healthy food and lifestyle balance.
  • What it means to be mentally prepared in all aspects of life and how the people around you can be key to staying grounded.
  • How to be mindful of modern food and portion sizes in order to control our weight loss and gains.
  • Why it’s important to understand what it is you have and what your niche is before you go big on the marketing.


Instagram: @addolphin


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